Records from Postgresql query not pulling by Zapier

  • 8 November 2022
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Has anyone experienced issues with custom queries using the Postgresql trigger not sending all the data?

I have an automation set up that populates a google sheet via a SQL query at a 6 AM each day. 

When I run the query locally on my db there are a handful of records that populate and it runs as expected. However, Zapier is only picking up one record instead of the multiple.

This tends to happen sporadically - sometimes the automation works as expected, other times it doesn’t. I’m a bit stumped and wondering if anyone else has run into a similar situation.


2 replies

I’m using a custom query actually. Does the order by necessity come into play for custom queries as well?

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Hi @TryMystery, welcome to the Community!

Hmm, that is a bit of a puzzle. I took a look at know limitations and issues for Postgresql and I can’t see anything that immediate explains why it would sometimes only find one record. Are you using the new row trigger? If so, do you have an ‘Order by’ field in your Zap? It’s important to have one as it’s how the Zap can ‘deduplicate’ rows, how it remembers previous rows so it knows which ones are new/updated). Could you try adding one to see if that does the trick?

I hope that helps!