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Recording new Stripe Invoice in google sheets

  • 13 September 2023
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Hi there, I am new to Zapier and am working on creating a google sheet database for all of the Stripe Invoices I’ve sent out. I have a Zap in place that creates a new row in a spreadsheet ever time a new invoice is created in Stripe. 


The trouble I am having is that my zap is pulling in a draft of the invoice to google sheets before I’ve inputted the amount we are charging and sent it to our customer. The record then shows an amount of zero instead of what is actually be charged to the customer. I believe this may have something to do with the Trigger being instantaneous but am unsure. Any help would be appreciate! 


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 13 September 2023, 21:26

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Hi @BillyM 

Good question.

One option would be to configure these Zap steps:

  1. Trigger: Stripe - New Invoice
  2. Action: Delay - For
    1. e.g. 5 minutes
  3. Action: Stripe - Find Invoice
  4. Action: GSheets - Add Row


Or you may have to use Stripe Webhooks:

Zap trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook

This will generate a unique webhook URL to configure in Stripe.


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@Troy Tessalone Thanks for the response. 


I tried option 1 and am still seeing the same result. Is there anything I need to update on the google sheets action?

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We would need to see detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

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@Troy Tessalone detailing the steps for the find invoice and create row. 


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You need to map the variables from Step 3.


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@Troy Tessalone Thank you, that worked!