Pipedrive pipeline stage change reflect to activecampign pipeline stage

  • 30 April 2023
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Hello, I am a newbie Already automated  ' When a website form is filled a deal is created in pipe drive and a contact is created in active campaign.

I want to create zap : when Pipedrive stage is changed active campaign deal stage is also changed simultaneously. 

I have setup a zap using pipedrive deal stage change as a trigger and then" Find contact" as action in active campaign and update deal (AC). 

  But its not serving the purpose as pipeline stage is not changung. Can someone please guide me through what is wring i am doing. Thanks in advance. 

2 replies

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@Daniella I’d love to help guide you through this! Can you please provide a screenshot of your Zap setup, similar to this, so I can take a closer look and get you on your way to setting up a successful Zap? 

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Hi @Daniella 

Good question.

You likely need to use the concept of a Lookup Table to translate the data point value from Pipedrive to the expected value for AC.