On connecting to bubble , give the error "The app returned "Unauthorized"

  • 23 December 2021
  • 2 replies

Hy, Facing problem connecting  bubble, I am on free-plan, is that can be the reason.

On connecting shows this error.

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2 replies

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@xnaudheih just checking in here! Were you able to sort out the reason you were having trouble connecting your Bubble account from the resources that Troy sent along? Let us know! Happy to help if you’re still running into issues.

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Hi @xnaudheih 

Check out the available Bubble help articles:

About Bubble's Integration

What kind of authentication does Bubble use?

Bubble uses OAuth.

Do I need a personal Bubble plan or higher to use Bubble with Zapier?

You need a paid Bubble plan to use Bubble with Zapier.

Do I need special account permissions in Bubble to use Bubble with Zapier?

Your collaborator permissions for a specific Bubble application determine the Zaps that you can create for that app. For example, collaborators with "View only" permissions for a Bubble application's data can "Find a Bubble thing" but not create one. An app admin can find and create a Bubble thing.

Are there any webhook subscription limits in Bubble when I use Bubble with Zapier?

Bubble doesn't have any webhook subscription limits when you use Bubble with Zapier.

Are custom fields in Bubble supported when I use Bubble with Zapier?

Yes, Bubble supports custom fields.

Does Bubble use real trigger samples from my Bubble account?

Yes, Bubble provides real trigger samples from your Bubble account.

What kind of Bubble hosted account can I use with Zapier?

Bubble's Zapier integration supports cloud-hosted accounts only.