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Not sure what to select for Message Text field to get Tweet text

  • 30 January 2022
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So i do not know what to try anymore. Each step is ok, until i reach “Set up action” . I am trying to get tweeter feeds from a list or from various members. But i do not know what to write in the “ Message Text” or what to put there. 

Everytime a person tweets all i get is whatever is in “Message Text” and not the tweet. And its a required box. 

What option from there should i be chosing, or….what am i doing wrong. 2 days and i still have not figure it out...sigh



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Hey all! It’s been a while so @Cassy might have already got this one figured out. But I wanted to follow up here to help provide an answer!

It sounds like the Tweet in List trigger for Twitter is being used. And that step should provide a field called Text which would contain the entire contents of the tweet.

When it comes to setting up the action, whatever is entered/selected in the Message Text field is what will be used for the message. What to write/select for the message text field is entirely up to you, as it depends on what information you want included in the message.

If you wanted to post a message that contains the text from the tweet then you’d select just the Text field from the Twitter trigger step, like so:

You can type in or select additional fields here to have further text/information added to the message that is posted.

And for more details on how to set up action steps, check out this guide: Set up your Zap action

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Hi @Cassy 

Please post screenshots with how each of your Zap steps are configured, thanks.