Not all Google Calendar events are recorded, and getting a warning about held tasks

  • 6 September 2022
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Hey everyone,


I am stuck with what seems a basic task. Basically, whenever we add a certain event to a specific Google Calendar, I would like for that event (Date, Duration, Description) to be added to a new row in a single Google Sheet. 


My flow is the following:

App: Google Calendar

Event: New or Updated event

App: Google Sheets

Event: Create Spreadsheet Row(s) (with the details)


Now the issue is that only some events are being recorded, while majority is not. More importantly, I am constantly getting the following warnings “You have 22162 tasks being held”. Did I somehow create some sort of loop as we definitely don’t have that much events in the calendar? I see that for the recurring events Zapier managed to write down some, so should I somehow limit the export on the upcoming event’s only? so it’s not being done retroactively? Or the issue is somewhere else?


Thanks everyone!

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4 replies

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Hi @lauv 


Can you please share the setup you currently have in Zapier? 


If you have 22162 tasks on hold this means it is because your trigger flooded Zapier and so all the tasks are currently pending UNTIL you tell Zapier to run them. (which is not recommended for this many tasks of course)



@MohSwellam yes, of course




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Hi @lauv , 

I would have a couple of suggestions:


  1. You were saying when a certain event is scheduled, I suggest using “New Event Matching Search”, this is a great resource about how to use it
  2. Go to Zap History ( and select all the On Hold zaps and delete them
  3. Use Zapier Transfer to transfer any data already in your calendar (

Hopefully this helps solve your issue :) Please let me know 

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Hello @lauv! Just wanted to check in and see how you’re getting along with the suggestions provided. Let us know if you need any additional help.