No info is transferred to my other Google Sheets after publishing my Zap

  • 5 October 2022
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Just started using Zapier and piloting my first zap. I am trying to set up a zap that will basically keep two google sheets (Tables with data in them) aligned ie if the first google sheet (trigger) has a new entry, it is automatically added to the second google sheet, or if an entry is changed in the first google sheet, the entry will change in the second sheet


I have created two actions as below, a lookup to ensure entry is not in second table and a second one to update an entry, but nothing moves when i publish the zap, and I can't work out where I add the name of the second sheet so the zap knows where to move the data


Any help greatly appreciated





8 replies

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Hiya, @Clip! Thanks for reaching out in the community! So glad to have you here. 🤗

I’d recommend checking out this similar question here.  While it’s different apps, the concept is similar to what you’re looking to build.

That said, I’d also recommend checking out some of the help docs in setting up your spreadsheet to work with Zapier as Google Sheets can oftentimes be a bit particular:

I hope some of this helps!

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Hey @Clip!

Welcome to Zapier!! Your life is about to change!

If you can share screenshots of the setup details for each of your steps, we can provide better guidance on this :)

My best guess is you are feeding the wrong information to step 3. But the issue could also be with step 2.

Share those screenshots and I’ll be more than happy to further advise :)

Many thanks Christina and Todd for getting back to me so quickly!


Christina - I will read through those docs now with interest

Todd - please find attached screenshots of the 2 google docs and the setup details


Thanks again


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Hi @Clip!

Looks like all three of your steps are referencing the first spreadsheet. You want to be sure steps 2 and 3 are reading and writing to the second spreadsheet.

in your original post, you mentioned not knowing where to reference the second sheet, so you are already aware this is part of the issue. Here is a screenshot of where you can reference that and make this change in both steps 2 and 3.

Then, in step 3, make sure you also change the row number to the row number returned by step 2.

Is this meant to be a two way sync? So if edits are made to sheet 2, sheet 1 is also updated? If so, you will want to duplicate the Zap and swap all references to the first and second sheets. (Note: this could have the risk of entering an infinite loop without adding a couple of additional steps and a filter. The post Christina referenced above includes a link to an article with a solution for this particular issue…but instead of including #sf and #ggl in a notes field, you could add a “Created By” column that references either sheet 1 or sheet 2.)



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Hi @Clip 👋🏾, were you able to get your first Zap up and running? 

Hi Christina, Todd and Chanelle


Nearly! I can transfer a new row entry across but it seems to be copied to the top and the bottom entries, overwriting already there!

I was hoping it would go to the bottom and not overwrite the last entry

Also when i change a field in a row, it doesn't seem to transfer across?

See attachments


Any help gratefully received



Apologies, I think I am now back on the free plan so cannot finish this I'm afraid

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@Clip Oh no! 😦 Is there another Zap we can help you set up so you can get your first Zap up and out?