"New Social Media Message in HubSpot" => not possible to select social network channel

  • 28 February 2023
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Hello ! How are you? Question about the Zap "New Social Media Message in HubSpot". For some time, it is not possible to create a Zap by selecting the name of the chosen social network. My previous Zap only displayed Linkedin posts but it didn't work anymore since a few weeks. I recreated the Zap by selecting "all channels". In my case, I want to display only Linkedin posts and send a notification in slack (Facebook and Twitter are not displayed correctly because the data are not well exported from HubSpot). This choice of network is not available anymore and the Zap supports all networks. Do you know if there have been any changes or feedback from other users regarding this issue? Thanks for your help :)

4 replies

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Hi there @Mob44 - thanks for coming in to our space and asking your question. 

I have two suggestions for you, firstly- if you want to hop over into your Zap History, you can see if the Zap is paused, or displaying an error message. 


If that doesn't help you get to the bottom of things, my second step would include sending a printscreen (with any personal info removed) to us here in Community, we aren’t able to see your specific Zaps, so sharing what you have built so far will be a good first step in us detecting where things may be going awry. 


Looking forward to hearing from you! - Rachael

Thank you very much for your answer! I have no error in the history of this Zap. Here are the captures of my configuration. I have 3 accounts on Hubspot: Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. They don't appear in the setup trigger choices. The only channel choice is 'all channels'. The choice of the Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook channel does not appear. The custom tab does not display an input to enter a value.



here are my 3 accounts in Hubspot

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Thank you for sharing those screenshots. Hmm, interesting.

Previously, did this field differentiate between the social channels? Or has it always said All Channels? Curious if there’s a different way to structure the social channels in Hubspot. 🤔

If that fails, I wonder if you could use a filter step that only continues if the username = LinkedInCompanyPage

Do you think that could work?