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New Labeled Email in Gmail Not Triggering

I use gmail New Labeled Email event to Webhook trigger.  I wait almost 60 min but it does not work.  When I run it from ZAP panel. It works But it does not do this automatically.


Best answer by Danvers 17 May 2023, 18:28

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Hi there @altanalyb,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I’m so sorry to hear about the troubles with the Zap. Before we dig deeper into the issue, could you please try these troubleshooting steps?

  1. Turn off the Zap.
  2. Reconnect your Gmail account here:
  3. Ensure that the label you've set up in Gmail matches the one you've specified in the Zapier trigger.
  4. Publish the Zap.
  5. Trigger the Zap, and wait for 10-15 minutes to see if the Zap triggers.

Please give that a try, and keep us posted. 😊

Isn't 10-15 minutes too long for automated systems?

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@altanalyb I certainly understand your frustrations, however the New Labeled Email trigger is a scheduled trigger and checks for data every 15 minutes on the Free User Zap plan. 

Nonetheless, that does not address the concerns you are experiencing as you did state it’s currently not running even after waiting 60 minutes. Were you able to test out Ken’s recommendation? What were the results of that? 

Looking forward to your response and helping you get up and running! 

I did Ken’s recommendation. It is ok in 13 min. Is  syncing simultaneus on other plans?

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Hi @altanalyb!

How and when a Zap triggers depends on two things:

  1. The type of trigger it is
  2. The Zapier plan that you are on

Some Zap triggers are always instant. If a trigger is instant, it will say so in the dropdown list when you choose a trigger:

A screenshot of some of the triggers from a payment app called Stripe. 

Other Zap triggers are ‘polling’ triggers, which means that the Zap will check in with the app (in your case Gmail) at set intervals to see if there is any new data. 

For polling triggers, how often the Zap checks for new information is based on your Zapier plan. 


You can learn more about instant and polling triggers in this help doc: Types of triggers in Zaps

To see how often a Zap will update, look at the Zapier plans page. Under each plan, in the plan features, you’ll see how often Zaps update: 


I hope that's clear, please let us know if you have any questions!