My Zap isn't pulling YouTube video tags into WordPress.

  • 25 October 2023
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I am using a Zap that creates a new post on my Wordpress site when a Youtube video is saved to the Channel. Everything is working except the tags part. Part of what I would like the Post creation to do is pull the tags added in Youtube Studio into the Post so that I may automatically tag new posts with the appropriate tags in Wordpress. 

My example: I am uploading sports highlight clips to youtube and tagging the players #firstname, #lastname, #firstlast, and #playernumber as tags. Then in Wordpress I can automatically pull video posts into the players profile page without having to manually edit each new video posts that gets added. 

The issue is when I look at the record on the Test phase of the Zap, I don’t see a section for the Tags I am adding in Youtube. 

1 reply

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Hi @ryanwake01 

Good question.

You may have to explore using the YouTube API:

There is an AI assist in this Zap action: YouTube - App Extensions