My Smartsheet row attachments are getting added to the second row instead on first row.

  • 8 August 2022
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I can successfully get Zapier to add a row to Smartsheet when I apply a specific label in Gmail, but when I add an additional step of adding an attachment to the row that was just added, it always goes to the row below the one I just added with the Zap. In the setup where I specify a row to select to add attachment, I do not know what to do. I tried selecting row 1 (Because I have the add a row function to add to the top which is row 1), but it never works. I even added a delay step so that the two steps were not being executed at the same time but it still goes to row 2. Does anyone know how I can set this up?

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1 reply

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Hi @Tim Noonan

Can I check which actions you’re using in your Zap? I’m not super familiar with Smartsheet - are you adding the attachment as part of the create row action, or are you doing is as a separate action (eg you have a create row step, then an add attachment step)?

If you have a separate Add Attachment to sheet action, you can specify the row to which to add the attachment. To do that, you use the row ID from the create row step as the custom value for the row in the attachment step. 

Does that help get you pointed in the right direction? If not, could you please share some details with us? For example, what steps are in your Zap? And if you could share a screenshot of how the Smartsheet step/s are set up, that would be super helpful, thanks!