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Move a spreadsheet I just created into a folder I just created

  • 24 August 2023
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I feel like this should be simple but I don’t know what’s going wrong. 


I’m creating a deal in an app called Pipedrive. 

My first task was to create a new google drive folder when the new deal was created. 

The second task is to create a google sheet when the new deal is created. 

I would like to move the newly created spreadsheet to the newly created google drive folder.

Zapier prompts me to put in a search task so I did. 

The google drive search task test had no problem finding the newly created google sheet, but then when I go to create a new task to move the “found” google sheet, it says that it can’t find the sheet with the name given.

Here’s the Google Sheet that it should be able to move...



Any help here would be much appreciated.




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Hi there @Colin Kettler,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Looking at the screenshot, it looks like you might need to tweak your field mappings in step 5 a little bit.

The “File” and “Folder” fields looks for the ID. Could you please try remapping those fields with the ID instead?

Here’s what it’ll look like:

  • Grab the File ID from the “Find a File” step:
    (view larger)
  • Map the File ID to the “File” field in your “Move File” step.
  • Grab the Folder ID from the “Create Folder” step:
    (view larger)
  • Then, map the Folder ID to the “Folder” field in your “Move File” step.

Could you please give that a try, and let me know how it goes!

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Hi @Colin Kettler , 


In Find a file action, you have to search via file id and not file name. You will get file id from Action 2.



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Hi @Colin Kettler 

In the Zap for the GDrive Move File step...

For the File field, map the ID from the GSheet Step 3.

For the Folder field, map the ID from the GDrive Step 2.

You should not need Step 4.


Thank you all! 


Changing the fields to look for the ID instead of the file name worked great! 


Would you recommend using the file ID for the “Find file in Google Drive” as well?

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@Colin Kettler 

Zap action: GDrive - Find a File

This searches for a specific file by name.