Missing info after switching from manually forwarding to automatically forwarding emails to the Email Parser.

  • 2 October 2022
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Hi there, 


My parser was working ok when I was manually forwarding emails. I’ve now switched to the emails being automatically forwarded from Gmail, and a much shorter email is being forwarded that doesn’t contain all the info I need.


Any ideas about what I’m doing wrong/what I can do to fix this? 


Thanks in advance. 😊





4 replies

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Hi @MarcoA 

If you’re looking for help from a Certified Zapier Expert, check out this directory:


Same thing here, can you help me ? when i am setting out the parser is perfect, but when i setup the automated email forward something happen, and its like the parser was reading a html code instead of the real text. 

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Hi @JenniFransquared!

Troy is right that other email parsers are most robust, but if you would like to keep using the Zapier email parser, we can take a look to see if there’s a way to set up the parser so it’s more accurate. 


Start by looking at the automatically forwarded emails in the Email parser settings. Are they formatted the same way? Is there something different that’s causing the parser to trip up? If so, I’d recommend creating a new parser inbox and starting with a fresh template. 

If the email is formatted the same but some fields aren’t being recognized then you can add some more templates to make the parser more accurate. In the email Parser app, at the bottom of the template, you can see that there's an option to 'Edit Extra template'. The more templates you add, the better the Parser will be at finding the right fields.

Could you try adding maybe 3-4 more email templates and see if that helps? Thanks!

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Hi @JenniFransquared 

Good question.

I’ve found the Email Parser by Zapier to not be the most robust or reliable.

Try using a more advanced email parsing app such as Mailparser: