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Mailchimp ran into an error: Bad Request - Cannot send this campaign because it is currently" sent

  • 24 September 2022
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I run into an error while trying to connect my optin in mastermind to mailchimp through zap. If the campaign is on draft it doesn’t send it and if it’s already sent it doesn’t either. 

I received an email that says:

“Mailchimp ran into an error: Bad Request - Cannot send this campaign because it is currently" sent"”

This is my first time trying to use mailchimp and zap. Please help.


Best answer by Danvers 26 September 2022, 12:47

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3 replies

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Hi @Lore!

It sounds like you trying to send an email to a user in Mailchimp when someone opts in, is that right?


If that’s the case then you first need to set up a Customer Journey in Mailchimp (here’s their help guide on how to do that). Customer journeys are a bit like automations built within Mailchimp so you can say things like ‘when a tag is added to a subscriber, send them x email’. To use a customer journey in Mailchimp with Zapier, choose the tag added starting point for the journey. 


Then set up your Zap like this:

  1. Mastermind - Opt in Submission
  2. Mailchimp - Add/Update Subscriber

In the Add/Update subscriber, there’s a field to a add a tag to the subscriber, add the tag that starts the customer journey in that field. When the subscriber is added, the Mailchimp automation will start and send them the welcome email. 


Let us know if that works for you!


Great guidance - thank you @Danvers!

It really sucks that we have to upgrade to a paid Mailchimp account to be able to do this. Wish they’d offer a free journey for the first sale...

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@FullyPresentCoaching I can totally see how that would be helpful! I know the Mailchimp team has been pretty receptive to feedback in the past so I bet they would be keen to hear this and use it to inform how they think about pricing/packaging in the future. 💖