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Mailchimp Problem: Zapier is not letting me choose groups

Dear Zapier community,

I am trying to link my Mailchimp account to my Gmail-account but Zapier is not letting me chose between the different groups I I have created in Mailchimp.

My zapier setup looks like this: 

Choosing the App:

Choosing the account:

Choosing the audience:

Choosing the samples: [this screenshot has been removed by a moderator as it contained personal/private information]


Sadly there is no option to be found to choose between the different groups of 1 audience. Where can I find it? This is like one of the main functions in Mailchimp and it would be very weird to not have that option.

Can anybody help me? 

Best regards



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It’s not possible to select the Group as part of the trigger options for the New Subscriber trigger, but there is currently an issue reported with this trigger as you should be able to see them in the trigger test (the ‘Find data’ section in the Zap editor). 


I’ve added you to the bug report, which lets our team know how many folks are affected and also means that you’ll get an update on this. In them mean time, I’ve escalated this to our Support Team to see if they’re able to help you workaround the problem. I’ll be in touch via email shortly to ask you a couple of extra questions. 

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Hi there @Stefan B - I noticed that you received an answer back from our Support team, and I’m sharing it here in case others are seeking it:

The issue is that for some reason those just aren't pulling in with the Sample Data so we have to piece this together.
What you can do is add a Filter at Step 2. It would look similar to this below.

(view larger)

When you test it in the Zap Editor - it will say that it would not have continued - but this is because we don't have good sample data. You can just click done editing.Then Turn the Zap ON again and do another test to trigger the Zap. The one thing I'm not sure about is what happens if the user is in multiple groups.

For example - Say I'm in Group 1 already and then I sign up again and get added to Group 2.

I think the Zap will pass the filter for both Zaps. Does that make sense?

I'm not sure if that will happen or not - but that is the one thing I could see being an issue here. But the Filter is one way to make the Zap only continue for a specific Group. The other idea I have here that might work for you is if it is possible to Tag or Segment the user when they are added to the Group? If that is possible you could use the New Subscriber in Segment or Tag Trigger and it might help us avoid the issue above if they will be in Multiple Groups.

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Hey friends, I wanted to pop in with a small, somewhat belated update here for anyone who comes across this.

The bug report that Danvers mentioned here has now been closed. To reduce the amount of API calls being made to Mailchimp’s API when pulling in a test sample, changes were made which mean that now example groupings data will be returned in the test record:

You’d need to select the example group data when setting up your Zap but when the Zap runs live the real grouping data will be passed to the relevant actions in the Zap.

If ya’ll have any questions, let us know - we’re always happy to help! 🙂