Issue with Typeform multiple choice fields not mapping correctly in Salesforce.

  • 14 September 2023
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Hi Team,


I’m using a pretty standard flow to create a lead in Salesforce when a new typeform has been filled out. 

I am having an issue with multiple choice fields from typeform mapping properly and appearing properly in Zapier to be able to map. 

Some fields (below) populate with all of the custom questions and answers, but some only come up as pre-filled options in Zapier, but come out in Salesforce selecting all options, not just one selected in the form. Has anyone experienced this or can point me in the right direction :) 


Picklist one - multiple choice, more than one option permitted, shows up properly in Salesforce


Picklist two doesn’t show up properly in Zapier, can’t select correct options and shows up as all. 


example of pre-filled selected fields in Zap, can only populate apparel as a custom option

only custom option that shows up is apparel :( not the other categories. 


Please help me understand what I am missing <3 


2 replies

Ah I think I was missing the formatter piece! Thank you, will try that and see how that goes!

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Hi @oliviasune 

Good question.


Select more than one value from the dropdown field

If you have a multi-select pick list field in Salesforce then you can select multiple items by using semicolon character ; between them.

Alternatively if you're passing data from a previous step, you can use Formatter to create a string with ; as the separator.