Issue Creating a Zap Between Interfaces by Zapier Chatbot and SmartSuite Database

  • 30 May 2023
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I've been trying to create a Zap that connects my chatbot, which I've set up using Interfaces by Zapier, with my SmartSuite database. The goal is to have the Zap trigger when a new message is received in the chatbot, and then search for relevant information in the SmartSuite database based on the content of the message.

However, I've been encountering an issue during the setup process. In the trigger setup for Interfaces by Zapier, I'm required to enter a "Chatbot Button" value. My chatbot doesn't use predefined buttons, and I want the Zap to trigger on any message, regardless of button selection.

I've tried entering a wildcard (*) and a default value like "Any" or "None" in the "Chatbot Button" field, but neither seems to work. I'm unsure how to proceed as this field appears to be mandatory.

Could anyone provide guidance on how to handle this situation? I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thank you.

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Hi @S.U.!

I’m not sure if what you’re looking to do is possible with interfaces, currently.  I’ll explain how the button trigger works in interfaces and we’ll see if there’s maybe a workaround. 

With the Chatbot component of interfaces, if you want to trigger a Zap, you need to add an action to the interface.

When you add the action, use the ‘On click’ dropdown box and select ‘Run Zap’ That means that when the button is clicked, the Zap will run. Interfaces will then show a button that allows you to create a Zap using that button click as a trigger. 



When you click on the Create Zap button, a new tab will open in your browser with the new Zap and all of the relevant information filled in. 



So, that’s how you add a button and trigger a Zap from it, but as you can see, it wont trigger a Zap on the first submission. It sounds like what you need is a chatbot that will use the information from Smartsuite to create the responses. It’s not currently possible to use external sources of information for the chatbot component of Zapier interfaces, but it is something that we’re working on.


You could use the form component of Interfaces to create a Zap that will trigger from any entered information. The tricky part is how to search Smartsuite and return the information to the user. That bit I’m not sure I can help you with. If you can share some more details on exactly what you’d like to happen (what kind of information you’re looking for in Smartsuite and how you’d like to share that back with the user) we can see if there’s a workaround, but I can say that it wont work in the same way as a chatbot. 


I hope that’s all clear and I’m sorry I can’t help you more on this one.