Is it possible to exactly duplicate Slack message containing emojis and images in Teams using a zap?

  • 16 February 2023
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There’s a channel in Slack that shares a purpose with a channel in MS Teams. I usually schedule a week’s worth of Slack messages, each containing text, emoji’s, image(s), and link(s). Teams doesn’t support scheduling in channels, so I usually just duplicate the Slack message in Teams by hand when I have time that day.


It occurred to me that there might be a way to automate this and just get Teams to post identical message whenever the Slack one appears. 


I have connected Slack and Teams and I can make it work for plain text just fine. However, it doesn’t work for images or an emojis, and the formatting gets screwed up.

Is there a way around this?


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3 replies

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Sorry to hear that, @wizard_lvl1

Can I just double-check here, are you using the Send Channel Message action for Microsoft Teams? 

If yes, then I’ve got an idea for a workaround you could try. As far as I know the Send Channel Message action should allow you to format text with markdown. So I’m wondering if you can use Markdown to create a link to view the image. 

You’d likely need also to use some Formatter actions to extract the image URL and then to replace the image in the message with a link to the image. But it may best to check whether using a Markdown link to the image would work before setting up any Formatter actions. 

I realise this wouldn’t be an ideal solution as you’d need to click the link in order to see the image. But the reason I’m suggesting to use markdown to format a link is that I can’t see any mention of images being supported for channel messages in Teams (Use Markdown formatting in Teams). So I’m thinking at least this way you’d be able to access the image from the message. 

If you do give that a try, please let us know whether it works as hoped!

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Hi @wizard_lvl1!

I’m not sure that it’s going to be possible to copy the messages exactly between the apps. 

Slack uses a specific way of marking emojis and formatting in text. You can read more about that in this help guide: Tips for formatting Slack messages

I haven’t used a Teams trigger myself, but looking at some samples it seems that sometimes the message is formatted in html tags and sometimes it’s just plain text. You can use Formatter by Zapier to strip html tags from text, but that wouldn’t mean that it would be formatted properly in Slack. 

I can’t think of a way to do this, sorry!

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Thanks for replying! I can live with losing emojis and even text formatting, but not being able to use an image is kind of a deal breaker for what I’m trying to do, since the text usually says something about what the image is showing :(