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Interface Table Columns Arrangement Issue

  • 22 April 2024
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I’ve recently started having an issue trying to organize my table columns within an interface. For instance, I go to edit a tablelisting in an interface, go to the Data tab, then down to Columns. When I try to drag a data set up or down, it moves other columns randomly and will not accept where I place the column I was trying to move and puts it back where it was.  Has anyone else been experiencing this? I’ve tried using a couple of different web browser in case of compatibility issues but that didn’t work either. 


**Edit: It moves the column above the one I’m trying to move to the location I wanted it to go. I also just realized it’s only happening to 1 out of 2 tables in my interface. The other table arranges how it’s supposed to. 


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 22 April 2024, 20:14

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You may want to try opening a ticket with the Zapier Tables/Interfaces team:



@Troy Tessalone Thank you for the links! Reporting as a bug.