Hubspot Trigger Test Showing Random Contacts

  • 15 November 2022
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Good morning,

I’ve been using Zapier for a minute and have run into an issue suddenly I have never experienced before. I will outline the process below, which I’ve followed hundreds of times. 

Trigger: Hubspot - New Contact in List

After selecting the correct list in Hubspot and verifying that I am using a static list (not an active/dynamic list), I go to test the trigger. The Hubspot list currently has one contact in it. When I run the trigger test, it pulls up a random contact that is not in the list. It continues to pull up random contacts that are not in the list. I gave it some time thinking that maybe Hubspot had not caught up, but after 48 hours - I’m still having the same issue. 

Why would Zapier be retrieving data from a contact that is not in the list and what can I do to proceed?

The End Goal

When a new contact is in the list, I use Zapier to send a Google Calendar invitation to that contact. Again, never had an issue before. I’m worried that if I simply ignore the fact that Zapier is pulling incorrect contact data and I complete the action as a test - I’ll send a calendar invitation to a random contact. 

I appreciate your help. 


EDIT: It retrieved a contact that isn’t in the list again, however I didn’t care if this contact received a calendar invite. I tested it and everything works as it should. It’s just really odd it’s pulling data for contacts that aren’t in the list. 

4 replies

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Hey @vasuh, as @GetUWired mentioned, the mechanism by which the Zap receives data when it is on and running is different fundamentally than the way that Zapier fetches data from Hubspot for samples.  Sometimes we only have an example stock sample but other times we might have more accurate examples all depending on how the owner of the app in Zapier wrote the app as well as the API we are pulling data from.

Without being able to look at your Zap directly, it is hard to say @vasuh exactly what the trouble is, but I would encourage you to map your Zap based on the names of the fields and not so much the specific record you have pulled in and their values (e.g. Focus on mapping the “First Name” field instead of the one that has the value of “John”) and then turn the Zap on and test it live.  

So long as you have the correct stage or what have you configured in the trigger, when the Zap runs live it should respect those settings.  I would do that and test it live by submitting a trigger event for a record you know we should see and one we should not, and then check out to review the example. 

Hopefully that explains a few things, let me know what you think! =)

Hi Ajay B and Liz, 

I am also facing the same challenge . The contacts that are being displayed on the ‘test trigger’ option are random contacts wherein I want contacts to be displayed from certain ‘lifecycle stage’ of hubspot . 

How can I do that ?

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Thanks @GetUWired and hello there @ajyb 👋🏽 Thanks for stopping by our Community!

I see you’ve been chatting with our friends in Support and wanted to share the next steps they suggested (hoping their response reached your inbox but let us know if not!):


Could you retry going through the process of creating a new Zap? Once you get to the "test trigger," try creating a new test contact in the HubSpot list and select "Load More" in the Zap. 
I'd like to see if it pulls in the newly created test contact. 
If that doesn't work, could you go through the process of setting up a Zap with the trigger and an action, mapping the contact values (even though they aren't in the selected list), and then publishing it? 
Once published, try triggering the Zap as a test to see if the correct values come through. 


If you’re able to give that a whirl and it does the trick, you should be set. If not, reply back to your open Support ticket so our team can dive deeper!

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Hi @ajyb 

Since the Zapier trigger for Hubspot “New Contact in List” is an instant trigger it is technically not active until you turn the Zap on. When you turn the Zap on, Zapier creates a webhook subscription notification with Hubspot. From that point until you turn the zap off, Hubspot notifies Zapier whenever a contact is added to the list. 

With instant triggers, the “Load Sample” call does not always mimic the behavior of a live zap exactly. This is because Zapier is requesting data here, not being notified of it. So the load sample data is just to have a sample that’s close enough (it should be exactly the same but in my experience that is not always the case) to live data so that you can configure the rest of the zap and turn it on for a live test. Likely the developer of this step just had it load in recently updated contacts to increase the chances of pulling back a sample the first time you tried testing it and not necessarily only contacts that are in the list.

It is always recommend to test a live sample of your Zap after its turned on to guarantee everything is configured correctly