How do I use Pipedrive to trigger from a stage in the Pipeline which is missing from the drop-down?

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Hi all,

Moderately experienced Zapier user here - nothing fancy, but I have hundreds of Zaps for my small business and never had an issue with the Pipedrive modules before.


I’m trying to use Pipedrive to trigger Asana when a Deal is moved to a specific Stage of a specific pipeline I have.

We have 10+ pipelines and hundreds of Stages in total. I can see lots and lots of these in the ‘Stage in Pipeline’ drop-down menu, but lots of are missing too. No matter how many times I press ‘Refresh fields’, whole pipelines worth of Stages do not appear.

I did a Test by moving a Deal in Pipedrive to this Stage I am interested in, and I know it is stage_id 61… but even when I put 61 into the ‘Custom’ box it doesn’t seem to function.


Any help would be appreciated




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@zakkara that seems like a strange issue. Here is what I would encourage to try:

  • did you try clicking “Load More” in the trigger setup?
  • try reconnecting the Pipedrive account in Zapier
  • use a webhook as the trigger rather than the Pipedrive trigger
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Hi @zakkara 

Thanks for reaching out to the Community.

Could you send screenshots of how you have set up the steps of you Zap? This would allow me to check further.

(If there’s any personal information, kindly blur them.)

Looking forward to your response!