Help Needed: IP Addresses for WordFence & Firewall Allowlist for Zapier Integration

  • 15 March 2024
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I'm currently integrating Zapier with several WordPress sites and facing a bit of a challenge. We've noticed that when WordFence or our hosting's firewall is active, it blocks Zapier's connections, preventing our Zaps from functioning correctly. Temporarily disabling these security measures confirms that they're the cause, as the Zaps then run without issue.

I understand that Zapier utilizes AWS (Amazon Web Services) for its operations, and it's suggested that adding AWS IP addresses to the allowlist in WordFence and our firewall could solve our problem. However, navigating AWS to find the right IPs seems a bit daunting given my current expertise level.

I'm reaching out to see if anyone here has experience with this and can guide me on how to identify and list the appropriate IP addresses. Specifically, I'm looking for a simplified way to retrieve these IPs to allowlist them, ensuring seamless connectivity between Zapier and our WordPress sites without compromising security.

Any advice, tools, or resources that could make this process easier would be immensely appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance and insights!

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Hi there @Nue. Welcome to the Community! 🙂

The IPs addresses used could be any of the ones listed in the us-east-1 range, there isn’t a smaller set of IP addresses that would be used specifically when running WordPress triggers and actions. That said, rather than adding each individual IP address in that range to the allowlist, there’s a couple alternatives you could try:

  • Translate the IPs into a range - if WordFence supports CIDR notation then you can use that to specify a range for a block of multiple IP addresses. See here for details on how to calculate the range: Translate IPs into ranges
  • Allow the User-Agent - All requests from Zapier will include the same header “User-Agent: Zapier” so you could potentially allow all requests that contain that same user agent.


Can you give the above suggestions a try and let me know if that works any better?