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Handling Clearbit "Find Company by Domain" failure

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Hi there,


What is the best way to handle when the Clearbit "Find Company by Domain" action fails?


As shown in the attached image “Should This Step Be Considered A "success" When Nothing Is Found?” has been set to true.


In the subsequent Python step I use the “[Dummy]” value so that the Python code should never fail because “Cb_company” is empty in the case that Step 4 does not return a company name.


However, as shown in the attached image Step 5 and the subsequent steps which are dependent on Step 5 fail because Step 4 fails.


I do not think this should be happening since “Should This Step Be Considered A "success" When Nothing Is Found?” has been set to true but I wanted to ask the community first before reporting this as a bug to Zapier.




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Hi @tpretori 

You can add a Filter Step between to check if the expected value “Exists”:


I’ve noticed that for some apps, the behavior with the “Should This Step Be Considered A "success" When Nothing Is Found?” settings does not behave as expected, thus needing to use a following Filter step.


If you’d like, you can report this to Zapier Support here:

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Thanks for the reply Troy.


I would like the Zap to continue regardless of whether Step 4 succeeds or not because I still need to create a lead in SFDC: if clearbit could enrich the lead then I will use these values when creating the lead or else I will leave them blank, which is what the Python logic is great for and allows me to avoid paths (see below).

Although using paths would solve for this, I do not like having paths in Zapier because they never rejoin the main thread so you have to duplicate actions across branches which makes maintenance a pain.


Is there anyway to keep the zap going and avoid using paths?

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Hi @tpretori 

Some options to consider:

  1. Sub-Zaps:
  2. Webhooks (to daisy-chain Zaps together):
  3. Code (as you’re doing to handle and transform the data)
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Just wanted to circle back in here to report that this appears to be related to a bug with the Clearbit integration where search steps are incorrectly erroring when a match isn’t found.

I’ve added @tpretori to the list of affects users. I don’t have an ETA on when this would be resolved but we will be in touch by email as soon as it is. In the meantime, other than using Paths, the other options Troy suggested might be worth a try! :) 

For anyone that may be running into the same issue, please contact our Support Team. They’ll be able to look into the Zaps on your account to confirm whether you’re being affected by the same issue and get you added to the bug report.

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Hey @tpretori!

I’m just checking in to see if you saw Troy’s reply here. Were you able to get this working or are you still having some trouble here? 

We’d love to know how you got on!