GoTo Connect voicemail responding to multiple phone numbers instead of the target number.

  • 31 May 2023
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I am attempting to send sms messages in response to voicemails left in a shared GoTo Connect voicemail mailbox where the zap only continues if a specific number was called that initiate the voicemail. I want to set up zaps for each called number (target phone number) but when i filter the voicemail data for the Voicemail receiver phone number zap continues for other zaps. Essentially the zap does just respond from the target phone number but it also responds from other phone numbers as well. 

1 reply

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@Topstorage I’d love to help you with this! First, I want to be sure I understand in totality before seeing how we can make this work for you. From what I understand, you are looking to set up a Zap that triggers from GotoConnect and the action is set up with SMS by Zapier to alert via text message from the target phone numbers, all in one Zap, is that correct?

The problem you are experiencing is that it is responding to all numbers and not just the targeted one. Is that also correct? 

Can you please do me a favor, and add in a screenshot or two of your set up, similar to this, as a visual aid? Looking forward to your response!