Google sheets "Unable to load Choices"

  • 22 March 2023
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Zapier successfully connects to Google Sheets and loads my file (spreadsheet) however, when i try to select which tab (worksheet) i want for my zap, i get an error saying “Unable to load choices”



3 replies

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Hi @Barbs,

If you've changed the permissions on the Google Sheets account and the changes don't seem to be taking effect, one thing you could try is reconnecting your account here: This might help refresh the connection and update the permissions.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. 😊


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Hello there @otimo! 👋

Is the spreadsheet that’s selected on a Team or Shared Drive? If yes, I’d suggest double-checking the permissions you have for it to make sure you’ve got full access to be able to both view and edit it.

If that doesn’t work and it’s not a spreadsheet that you created, then perhaps you could try making a copy of that spreadsheet and connect the Zap to that? Then share the copied version back to the person that created the original file so that they have access to it?

Please let me know whether either of those suggestions work, or if you’re able to find a different solution here!  ​​​

Same problem here. I created the spreadsheet on my google drive and gave editor access to all but still error