Google Docs error: The user does not have sufficient permission for this file.

  • 11 February 2023
  • 2 replies

Currently stuck on a task submission form with Typeform, Monday, GDocs, and slack.  I’d like zappier to generate a doc from a template, update its fields and add it to monday task. But I keep getting this error. 

I confirmed with IT that I have the correct permissions in google docs. so now I’m stuck. Any advice? 

2 replies

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Hi @Planful Marketing 

Good question.

Make sure the GDoc account connected to Zapier has access the the GDoc that is trying to be used.

Perhaps make a copy of the GDoc template so you are the owner of the GDoc.


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Hey there @Planful Marketing, were you able to get this Zap working? If you are the owner of the document you are trying to use and still receiving this error, please let us know. We’d love to help 😆