Filter zaps being held if role doesn't match

  • 21 October 2021
  • 3 replies

My Zap - I get a new lead in my crm, zapier checks to see if the lead is owned by a sales rep, if it is, then zapier gets twilio to send a text to that salesperson’s cell phone.


Where it gets caught up is when the lead owner is not a sales rep.



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3 replies

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Hi @B-Lake 

Check your Zap Runs to help you troubleshoot:

This is the actual hold up… Not sure why there is too many items at once…



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Hi @B-Lake 

Did you bulk import data into Salesforce to trigger this Zap?


Zap runs can have a status of Holding for one of four reasons:

  • High task use: too many (100+) steps were triggered in the Zap run in a single poll. This "flood protection" prevents a significant number of tasks from being automated by mistake. This helps keep your task usage down and prevent tedious work correcting unintended tasks.
  • Reconnect {app name}: the connection to one of the app accounts used in the Zap is no longer active. Reconnect the app account, then replay the held Zap run.
  • Upgrade needed: the account has exceeded its plan limit for tasks or Zaps, or uses a premium app that is not supported by the plan. To replay the held Zap run, upgrade your Zapier plan.
  • Payment issue: the payment information on the account has expired. To replay the held Zap run, update your payment method.

Learn how to replay Zap runs that failed or were not successful.