Failed to input date into Bulhorn when setting up action Create JobOrder in Bullhorn CRM

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I am creating a zap triggered by New row in Google Spreadsheet, action is to create jobOrder in Bullhorn. All fields are successfully mapped into the new vacancy in Bullhorn except there is a date field couldn’t be able to input. Please give advise. Thanks!

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Hey there @kchong

Hmm, can you please provide a screenshot similar to this, that way I can take a look around? From what it sounds like, you are looking for a custom field for ‘Date’ is that correct? Or is this something that can be nestled within another field, and you are unsure where it best fits? 

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Hey @chanelle,
Thank you for reply.

Screenshot 1 shows the steps I set up in the zap. For step 3, when creating the jobOrder in Bullhorn, scrolling down (screenshot2) for the field “customDate1” and “customDate2”, I tried to input the date but the date unable to input to the newly created Bullhorn jobOrder. Except the date, all other fields input correctly. 


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Got it, I believe I understand. All the information is pulling to Bullhorn properly, including the Custom Date 1  field that is populated with [Output], however, Custom Date 2 field from Google Sheets populated with [Bid End Date] is not populating on Bullhorn at all? Is that correct? Or is the formatting of it appearing kind of wonky? 

Are you able to provide a screenshot of your Data In/Data Out from your Zap History as well? I’d like to take a look. 

With your Zapier user plan, you may also benefit on connecting with Support. They’ll be able to take a closer look within your Zap/Account to troubleshoot. But we are always happy to assist here and try to tackle troubleshooting in the Community as well. Looking forward on working on this with you!