"Failed to create a booking in Resource Guru" Error

I’m trying to set up a Zapier integration where a new item in a database in Notion, triggers a new booking in ResourceGuru.

However, I keep getting this error message when i run the test:

Failed to create a booking in Resource Guru
Error from halted execution: The errors [object Object].

This is at the final test stage - I can see Zapier is successfully pulling the database item from Notion, but is not able to create the booking. Any ideas?


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Hey @Natalie_J! Thanks for reaching out. Hmm. Interesting!

Do you mind sharing some screenshots of your current zap setup along with one of the error? That might help us take a closer look and troubleshoot with you.

Looking forward to digging into this with you🤗

Hi @christina.d - sure, attached screenshots here! 

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Hey @Natalie_J thanks for getting back to us here! Hmm, I’m not seeing anything obvious that would signal to me which part of the Zap isn’t working. If you reselect all of the fields in your action template, try again, and are still getting the error, it might be time to take this one to our support team:

Keep us posted - we’d love to know what the issue ends up being!