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Facebook Group Photos: Unable to pull photos. Error while retrieving

  • 10 December 2023
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it is not possible to give in the trigger ? always the same Error code ? Whats wrong?



Best answer by ken.a 12 December 2023, 06:34

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Hi there @Michael 1977,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I’m so sorry to hear about the error you’re running into.

Before we dig deeper, could you please let me know if you have the correct permission set up for Facebook? You can learn more about the required permissions here:

Please keep me updated.

thank you, that was a great help, i dont now that i musst give a app the perimsiion for my group. now i have made this, bit now i get this answer with a e mail from zapier : 


tep 1 - New Photo in Facebook Groups

The app returned "Dieser Endpunkt wird in der neuen Seitenversion nicht unterstützt.".

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Thanks for the update @Michael 1977.

After looking further into the issue, I see that other users have been running into the same problem with this "new Pages experience" error. 

One suggestion that might help is to switch back to classic Pages from the new Pages experience to see if that resolves the issue. Otherwise, there is no other workaround at this time.

There is a bug report in place, and I've added your contact information to it. While I don't have a time estimate for when this will get fixed, you'll be automatically notified if it is!