Existing events not showing in dropdown on Add Attendees/s to Event in Google Calendar

  • 28 October 2023
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I am trying to set up two different Zaps to add attendees to existing Google Calendar events, triggered off an Alchemer survey submission and ActiveCampaign tag update, respectively.

I linked my Google account, but in both Zaps when I try to look up the event, it only shows a single recurring event, all of whose instances occurred in the past. Searching by the name of the event (or any name at all) does not produce any results.

I have verified that the Google account is linked and it tested out okay. I tried using the Google event ID as suggested in this post, but it returned a “not found” error.

What is going on??? Why is Zapier not showing any other events?


Only one calendar event is shown
As you can see, all the instances of that event were in the past!


1 reply

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Hi @mfreund 

Good question.

Perhaps try this approach using a lookup table.

Log the GCal Event Names/IDs/Dates/etc. in a GSheet to lookup as part of the Zap steps.