Error message "Expected to find matching received step for sent step with ID"

  • 14 February 2023
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Hello!  I am building a relatively simple zap that gets some rows from google sheets and uses a zap loop with them.  Inside the loop are two steps, a filter and a path.  Each of them checks a couple of things in the data and then writes to a different spreadsheet.  


All the steps test out just fine.  Nothing shows up as an error when testing, but every time I try and publish it, I get the error: Expected to find matching received step for sent step with ID series_182745037


Has anyone run into anything like this betore?  I have not been able to find references to this error anywhere in troubleshooting, or other places.


2 replies

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Hi @catlady97543 

Good question.

For us to have context, please provide detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

Also, include a screenshot of the error message as well.

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Hi @catlady97543, just checking in! Were you able to resolve this error? If not, screenshots will help us take a closer look and help diagnose. 😄