Error Message Connecting WPforms JSON data to template Zap

  • 27 November 2023
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Hi all,

I am having the following error message displaying when I connect a wpForms submission to the creation of a PDF document through a template ID in

I understand the need to format JSON, which I am doing, but I cant track down the problem since Zapier is giving the error below and I believe my template is working. I have attached the JSON below the error message:

---Zapier Error Message--

Failed to create a html to pdf in

Halted Error:(failed): TemplateData is not valid JSON model. SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier. Check logs at or contact for help


















1 reply

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Hi there @AndrewCawood! 👋

Looking at the help text for the HTML Template Data (Optional) field it seems as though it’s expecting a space to be in between the colon (:) and the value that’s been wrapped in double quotes (“):

In the example JSON shared above I’m not seeing a space between the colon and the double quotes surrounding the selected fields. If it’s expecting a space between them, then perhaps that’s potentially why it’s seeing it as being invalid JSON.

Can you try adding a space for each of the fields and see if that gets rid of the error?

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!