DocuSign form data not showing up in Zapier

I have a powerform that I am trying to hook up to a google sheets so that the data in the form automatically exports into a spreadsheet every time someone fills it out. However, Zapier is refusing to show the form data. I keep on seeing this message “Form Data (Exists but not shown)” when I go to select the info I want from the dropdown menu. Due to this, I’m only able to populate the spreadsheet with the basic name/date/email info that is collected before they even begin filling out the form.

Any suggestions?

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Hi @jamescm 

Good question.

Make sure you have the field “Download form data?” set to TRUE.

And take note of the field description, especially the link.


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I was having this same problem, and here is how I fixed it.

My company uses templates to send leases for signature. Within the lease, we gather tenant information with custom form fields. For Zapier to import the data, each of those form fields must have a unique “Data Label.” 

Since our lease has some duplicate information fields, particularly guest name and “date signed,” I wanted to save time for the person filling out the information.  The way to make the data match in all of those places is to use the same data label. This is the same concept in Adobe PDF forms.  Unfortunately, this causes the error in Zapier… even if all of the Data labels and output data match.  

You can quickly check to see if your data labels are duplicated by downloading the form data from one of your existing DocuSign envelopes. 

To fix the issue, just add a number to the end of any duplicated data label, such as: Name1, Name2, etc. 

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Hi @jamescm -

 I keep on seeing this message “Form Data (Exists but not shown)” when I go to select the info I want from the dropdown menu. 

This is normal when setting up a Zap, what’s important is that the Zap picked up that data exists. If you feel as though I may be missing something here, can you please upload a screenshot similar to this, of your Zap set up and the message in reference? I can help troubleshoot from there with the assistance of the visual aid (your screenshot)! 

Here’s exactly what I’m talking about. In this case I was trying to apply a filter that was based on a text box I had on the document that is supposed to be filled out. It’s not unique to this though. The individual form data (Ex. the titles of all the text boxes, dates, check boxes, etc. on the form) don’t show up at any step of creating the zap.

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Hi @dannyclimber


Thank you for sharing how to troubleshoot the issue. This will definitely help others facing similar problems.