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Difficulty finding Salesforce objects in Airtable to Salesforce Zap

  • 16 September 2022
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Hello all - i’m currently working on a Airtable to Salesforce zapp.  Most things have been working out but i’m having difficulty finding some of the objects we have in Salesforce in the Zap editor.


More specifically, when trying to use action 

Find Record by Query in Salesforce




Create Record in Salesforce


i’m trying to look for the Salesforce object and it cannot be found.


Any guidance would be appreciated!  


Thank you


Best answer by christina.d 30 November 2022, 09:47

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Hey there, friends! Good news, we updated our standard object support!

The list of standard objects now reflects all those currently supported by Salesforce - including DocumentChecklistItem.

Hope this helps and happy zapping! ⚡️

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Hey there, @ryan_to! Thanks for reaching out in the Community! 

Hmm...out of curiosity, is the object you’re not seeing a file by chance? If so it’s possible you may be running into a known bug. 😔

I noticed you opened a ticket at the same time - which is awesome. I actually might recommend continuing the chat there as they’ll have access to view your specific zap/logs and troubleshoot from there.

Keep us posted though! I’m super curious to hear the final outcome! 


Hi @christina.d  the object is not a file.

Hi, I’m running into issues trying to connect a Zap to the Salesforce Program and ProgramEnrollment objects from API v57.0. When will this API version be supported by Zapier?

Hello, I see this was last updated a year ago. I have a similar issue, I’m looking for the Salesforce Gift Transaction object and I don’t see it in the Zapier Standard object list. Is there a current update on the Salesforce API version in use by Zapier and the list of supported Salesforce objects? 

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Hey folks, I popped into the support thread regarding this question and wanted to close the loop by pasting our team’s response in here for anyone else experiencing the same issue:

Zapier is currently using v46 of the Salesforce API - and DocumentChecklistItem did not become available until v47.

Represents a checklist item for a file documentation upload. This object is available in API version 47.0 and later.

In other words - it isn't available on the version of the Salesforce API that Zapier uses.
I have created a feature request to support this specific object (DocumentChecklistItem) - and attached your email so we can notify you when it becomes available.
However this isn't something that I would expect to be implemented soon considering it would involve an upgrade of the entire Zapier Salesforce Integration to a newer version of Salesforce's API - which is not a small undertaking.
In the meantime - that leaves us with 2 potential Zapier solutions.
First - if you or your team have the coding ability - you could develop a Private Zapier Integration and utilize v47 (or newer) of the Salesforce API.
Second - if you have a Salesforce API Key - it may be possible to make the requests using Webhooks by Zapier.
While that isn't something we could step you through in detail - it may be an option depending on exactly what you want to accomplish and your comfortability with HTTP requests.
Thank you again for bearing with us through what was a less than perfect support experience for you Ryan.
I'm sorry not to ultimately have a better answer (or easier workaround) for you.

Should we have any updates to this request in the meantime, we’ll be sure to update this thread!

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Hey @ryan_to!

I see that you’ve been chatting with our Support team and are still working things out with them. We’ll keep an eye on it, but if you do find a resolution and have some time to update this thread that could be very helpful for others who run into something similar.

Hopefully you get it resolved soon!