Difficulty connecting Paperform to Airtable: Fields not populating for new record creation after recent updates.

  • 28 March 2023
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Recently, I was helping a client setup an airtable zap.

The zap has worked successfully the last almost 3 years.

Its taking paperform (a form) responses and creating a new record into airtable.

With the recent updates, I cannot seem to populate the information from paperform into airtable.

How do I get the fields to show up to create a new record?

Please advise!

Thanks so much!


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8 replies

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Hi @Freedom Coach 

Good question.

We will need more context in the form of screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured along with specific examples of the fields you are having trouble with, thanks.

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Hi @Freedom Coach 

Welcome to the Community!

I suggest loading the most recent sample trigger. To do that, kindly go to the trigger step (Paperform), click Test, click Load More, and select the most recent sample.

Hopefully, this helps!

I have uploaded the screenshots.

Typically, paperform would pull the data down from the “test” down to airtable to create a record.

Perhaps its a glitch, but its not allowing us to “match” paperform data with the airtable “record” we want to create.

As before, this was never a problem

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@Freedom Coach 

We’d need to see screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured, not just the results of testing each Zap step.

Trigger Step One: New Submission In Paperform


Step Two: Select Form, I selected Apply For DM Sales Academy
Step Three: Test, A Completed Form Was Found In Zapier
Step Four: New Action - Create Record In Airtable


Step Five: Action; Create Record In “GCA” Leads Base, Under Applications Base
FINAL Step Six: Under Test Section, Paperform Data Fails To Appear, But Record Is Sent To Airtable… With No Data - This is the issue


It should look like this… this is one of our other zaps setup with the integration we are trying to recreate.


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@Freedom Coach 

It doesn’t look like you have any fields mapped for the Airtable action step.


Unfortunately, there are no fields to map…. they aren’t populating like they used too.

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@Freedom Coach 

Try these:

  1. Reselect the Base
  2. Reselect the Table
  3. Click [Refresh Fields]
  4. Check your Airtable Zap app connection:
  5. Delete and add the Airtable step again.