Creating draft mail in Outlook doesn´t work, only in

  • 12 October 2022
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Hi guys,

i am facing a problem in one of my zaps. The zap should create a draft email in Outlook, when i set a specific tag in asana. 
The problem is, that the draft email gets created in my outlook live account and it doesn´t matter if i set up the zap with the outlook app or office 365. In any case, the draft email gets created in the outlook live account, which is not able to synchonize with my outlook desktop app.

My aim is to get the draft email in my desktop app, not in my web oder live app.


Anybody here with the same problem or a solution?

Thanks so much!


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3 replies

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Hi @Jan_Acar!

I’m sorry that you’re running into this, it sounds frustrating!

Can I ask if the Outlook live account is the same account as the Outlook account that connects to your desktop app - is it the same login? Do you know which app/account connects to your desktop app? 



Hi @Danvers ,


thanks for your quick response.

yes, the outlook live account is the same I use for running the desktop app. Curiously, there is no difference between using the outlook app as a connection, nor the office 365 app.



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Hi @Jan_Acar, sorry for the delay in getting back to this post. 

If they are all the same account, it sounds like something is preventing Outlook from syncing drafts from outlook live to your desktop app. Could you try creating a draft directly in the Outlook live app (ie not using Zapier) and see if that turns up in your desktop app? If it does then we know it’s something related to the way that Zapier is creating the draft, if it doesn’t then there’s likely a setting that needs to be changed in your Outlook/microsoft account that will sync drafts across all of your Outlook apps. 

Let us know how you get on!