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Copy new Google Drive files to Dropbox Zap doesn't trigger

  • 11 November 2021
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The Zap I created to backup my Google Drive to Dropbox doesn’t trigger. I used template from there

Copy new Google Drive files to Dropbox

based on this article

I configured everything properly, when I tested my zap - the file I uploaded into Google Drive was sent to dropbox into folder I specified in my zap options.

So I turned on my zap, received a message:

This Zap will use 1 task every time it receives an item from Google Drive. You'll be notified if there are any issues when your Zap runs.

but from there the zap doesn’t trigger when I copy new file into my google drive, no matter how long I wait.


More - when I manually run my zap I receive a message

We couldn't find any new items.

I sent new files to the main google drive directory, to folder etc. No matter what I do it doesn’t work.


This is how I configured my zap, step by step:




















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I have no idea what is wrong, why it doesn’t work


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Hi @drozumek 

FYI: GDrive triggers are not instant.


Trigger types

There are 2 types of triggers:

  1. Polling trigger: the majority of triggers are polling triggers. With a polling trigger, Zapier will check for new data from your trigger every 1 to 15 minutes in order to start your Zap, depending on your pricing plan.
  2. Instant trigger: with an instant trigger, your trigger app will send Zapier an instant notification whenever there's new data.
    Zaps with instant triggers are labeled Instant on your dashboard and in the Zap editor.


Not all my files are triggering my new file in folder Zap.

The New File in Folder trigger has some nuance about what it will trigger on:

Google Files (e.g. Google Doc, Google Sheets etc)

  • If a file was created within the folder, the Zap will trigger
  • If a file was modified fewer than 4 days ago and moved to the folder, the Zap will trigger
  • If a file was modified greater than 4 days ago and moved to the folder, the Zap won't trigger

Non-Google files (e.g. pdf or jpg):

  • If a file is directly added to the folder, the Zap will trigger
  • If a file is directly added to the folder but was modified/created greater than 4 days ago, the Zap won't trigger
  • If a file is moved to the folder (even if it was added to Google Drive in the last 4 days), the Zap won't trigger

Also, you can't trigger or act upon a folder shared with you, so files added to folders you don't own will not trigger the Zap. The connected account must be the owner.