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Constantly having to reconnect to all LinkedIn Apps

  • 9 June 2022
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Starting this week I’m having to CONSTANTLY reconnect to any LinkedIn app. Like every time I log or even look at a Zap that’s connected to any LinkedIn App, I get some error and if I go back through the steps I have to reconnect. This is occurring with LinkedIn, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, and LinkedIn Matched Audiences, but not with other apps like Google Ads or Salesforce.


Any help would be great, this is affecting my Zaps’ ability to run. 


Best answer by christina.d 26 October 2022, 21:26

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3 replies

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Hey there, @rweaver! Thanks so much for reaching out!

I’m sorry to say, it sounds like you’re running into a known bug with the LinkedIn apps. LinkedIn only authenticates one product at a time so having multiples invalidates the other apps.
I'm afraid you'll likely need to delete one of the app connections to be able to get this working. 😔

I did add you as an impacted user on the open bug report. While I don’t have an ETA when this will be fixed, we’ll be sure to email you and update this thread as soon as a fix is in place.

Thanks again for flagging this!


Thanks for the update @christina.d, I guess we’ll just have to live with it for now.

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Hey there, @rweaver and anyone following along!

This bug has been fixed!

Moving forward logging into multiples of our LinkedIn integrations won’t impact the others. 🎉 

Thanks for your patience on this and happy zapping. ⚡️