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CompanyCam Photo Uploaded to Google Drive File Upload in correct file

  • 23 February 2024
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Hello all,


My goal is to grab any new photo uploaded in CompanyCam within a checklist within a project to the a file in Google Drive with a name that corresponds with the name of the project in CompanyCam.


(Test) CompanyCam:

Project Name: Amr Test

Checklist: Electrical

New Photo Uploaded


(Test) Google Drive:

File drop down:



-- Name of person (Amr Test)
--- Install Photos

---- Electrical


I am having trouble getting Google Drive take the Project Name from CompanyCam and use it to navigate to the correct file, and obviously I don’t want to hard code it to a specific location, as that location won’t be the correct one everytime.





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Glad I could help @Amr Ghamian! 🤗

Does the CompanyCam trigger also give the name of the selected checklist item e.g. Electrical?

If so, in another Find Folder action you could search for the relevant folder within the one found by the previous action by selecting the field that contains the selected checklist item from the CompanyCam trigger. And setting the parent folder to be the ID of the folder found by the previous Find Folder action.

Then in the Google Drive action that uploads the phot, in the Folder field you would select the ID of the folder found by the previous search action. 

Here’s the trigger and actions I’m picturing for the Zap:

  1. Trigger: New Photo (CompanyCam) - runs when a new photo is added.
  2. Action: Find Folder (Google Drive) - find the person folder based on project name provided by CompanyCam trigger.
  3. Action: Find Folder (Google Drive) - finds the relevant sub folder within the parent folder by specifying the ID of the previously found folder in the Parent Folder field.
  4. Action: Find Folder (Google Drive) - searches for the relevant checklist sub folder by searching based on a value from the CompanyCam trigger step. Again, as with previous search actions the ID of the previously found folder is specified in the Parent Folder field to limit it to search within in that specific folder. See Search for existing data in Zaps guide to learn more.
  5. Action: Upload File (Google Drive) - uploads the photo file supplied by the CompanyCam step. The Folder field uses the ID from the previous Find Folder action to ensure that’s uploaded into the correct folder.


Can you give that a try and let me know if you run into any trouble on that?

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@SamB Thank you so much! You are correct to assume that I used the Find Folder action to find the initial folder with the “Name of the person” from CompanyCam. I went ahead and used a second Find Folder action using your tips for the custom values!


Now the challenge becomes having that new photo be added to the folder that corresponds with the name of the checklist on CompanyCam.

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Hello @Amr Ghamian! 👋

Glad to hear you were able to get the picture uploaded to the correct person folder - nice work! 🙌 Presumably you used a Find Folder action to locate the folder?

Perhaps you’d need another Find Folder action to search for the sub folder (e.g. Install Photos)? In that second Find Folder action you’d need to select the ID for the parent folder (Name of person folder) in the Parent Folder field. You’d do that by selecting the ID of the parent folder using the Custom value option - see: Add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If I’ve misunderstood or you run into any trouble on that do let us know!

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I have since figured out how to get the picture to upload within the main “Name of person” folder. Next step is to get it through the “Install Photos” folder and then into the “Electrical” folder. Still struggling haha.