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Can I start a Zap from new Salesforce record with a specific value in a field

  • 10 June 2024
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Hi All,

I’m trying to use Zapier to act when a new record is created on a custom object when it has a specific value in a field. I’m trying to use “Updated Field on Record in Salesforce”. It sees the object and the field I want to filter by  and the test runs fine.

In real life it does not fire however. I suspect it is because the record is NEW and that the field in not CHANGED as a result.

So what I want is --- when a new record on an Event object is created with a “Type” field set to “Lunch&Learn”, I want the Zap to act. But not when a new Event record is created with the “Type” field set to “PDCC”.

If, in Salesforce, I just change an existing Event record’s Type field from “Lunch&Learn” to something else and then back, Zapier will fire. I think I could write a Salesforce flow to read a new record, change the field value and then change it back, but it’s pretty ugly.





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Hi @Bradley Tompkins 

Try using this Zap trigger: Salesforce - New Record

Add a Filter as Step 2 in the Zap:

Salesforce Zap app triggers/actions:


Thanks, I don’t see how I missed that.