BambooHR error: Unable to load in new reports to test

  • 25 November 2023
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Hi there! I am trying to setup a bambooHR trigger from by having it watch for changes on a report. I was able to identify the report number, and connected it. However once I get to chose a test report, it only sends me 3 out of the 11 entries that I have. For context, those first 3 hires were the first hires in BambooHR however they dont have anything unique to the other hires. All hires have future start dates, and all of the required info filled out. When I hit “Find new records” it doesnt bring any additional records over. Has anyone run into this before? 

3 replies

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Hi @HappyPirate 

Good question.

Zap app triggers return a max of 3 representative records so that you can use those to configure your Zap action steps.

Try turning your Zap ON and testing, then check your Zap Runs:

@Troy Tessalone I see and once it grabs 3 values, I cant cycle to new ones? What ever it pulls on the first time, thats all I can test with? 

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If you’re able to configure the Zap then try turning your Zap ON and testing with data that would fire the Zap.

Then check your Zap Runs: