AWeber issue: "Create Subscriber" action returns "blocked/fake address" error

  • 9 November 2023
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My question is, for the “Create Subscriber in Aweber” what email label as required are you supposed to use? Is the email for testing purposes or does it need to be a particular email? Next in the Name filed which is not require and the Tags which also do not say required should I be putting something in those regardless?

Once I run test from Zapier to Aweber I get a response with” id 0”, email the same one that I put in the required field and the “status not added because blocked/fake address”. What is causing this and what do I do to fix this?

3 replies

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Good question.

Required fields in a Zap step must have a valid value.

You should map an email address dynamic variables from Step 1 to Step 2.

Make sure to test with real/representative data.

Hi @Troy Tessalone 

Would I add {{Name}} in the name areas? I’m not to familiar how to do that.


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Help article for how to configure Zap action steps: