AI Actions Ticket Submit Failed

  • 12 January 2024
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What happened?…

I want to apply for being a partner of AI Actions..

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Hi there @GPTBots,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

It looks like you’ve reached out to our Support Team about this and they replied today with a suggestion. I’ll share details of the suggestion here in case it’s helpful:

I understand your concern regarding the AI partnership. I intend to assist you with it.

AI actions is an Alpha product today and we don’t offer support for 3rd party developers at this time. We also can't generate OAuth credentials. This API is intended to be used by end users who generate their own API keys to use.

For questions, we suggest using resources such as our Early Access Program #product-ai Slack Channel to provide feedback and troubleshoot with others tinkering with AI Actions at this stage. If you’re building with LangChain, LlamaIndex, or another toolkit, we recommend joining their Discord and chatting there.

I’m providing a few links below that should help you get started:

You can review the API documentation below:

You can generate an API key from:

When you’re running AI Actions, you can view your logs at:

As always, we appreciate your enthusiasm as we continue to innovate for our users!

If you’ve got any questions regarding their suggestion it would be best to continue the conversation with them over email. If you can’t locate their reply I’d recommend searching your spam/junk folder or searching your inbox for any emails from in case. Sometimes their emails can end up in the spam/junk folder by accident.