Add Contact to Campaign in Salesforce: can't find all my campaign statuses

  • 10 June 2022
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I have a zap that goes:

  • Trigger
  • Create contact in Salesforce, using name, email, etc..
  • Add Contact to Campaign in Salesforce, using Salesforce contact ID

In the last step, I can find all my campaigns, but I can’t find all the custom statuses, so all the contacts are added to the campaign with the default status.

Any idea what could cause this ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

3 replies

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Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support for additional help:

Hey Troy,

Yes sorry I forgot to mention it, I’ve tried to refresh fields several times but it doesn’t change anything.

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Hi @Sightness 

Good question.

Have you tried this:

  • Click ‘Refresh fields’ at the bottom of the Zap step