[New Integration] Pause and Resume

[New Integration] Pause and Resume
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Happy new year!

Have you ever wanted to pause a zap (let's call it zap A), trigger another zap (zap 😎 and wait for it to finish before resuming the zap A? I don’t know what techniques you might be using to build this kind of workflow but I know that one way of building it is to split the zap A into 2 zaps and have the second zap trigger the second half once it finished its work.

While this might work fine, having a way to pause a zap and resume it at a later time would be nice!

Pause and Resume is a custom integration I built just for that. If you would like to give it a try, you can find an invite link at the end of this post.


Assuming that you have 2 zaps: A and B where A triggers B at some point. The trigger for the zap B has to be Webhook by Zapier.

1. In A, when you want to trigger the zap B:

  • Add a Pause Zap step.
  • Set the webhook URL to be the webhook URL for zap B.
  • Set the payload to whatever you want, it will be sent to zap B.
  • Test this step and add the steps that would run when the zap is resumed.



2. In B, after testing the trigger step, you should be able to see a key called callback_urlthat was sent from Zap A test. We'll need this one in the next step.


3. Now, at the end of the zap B:

  • Add a Resume Zap step.
  • Map callback_url from the trigger step to Zap Callback URL field.
  • Set the payload to whatever you want. It will be sent back to the zap A when this step runs.



That’s it! You can now turn both of the zaps on and see if it works. When the task is paused, it would look like this:


Feel free to let me know if you find any issues. I built this today so I didn’t have enough time to test it in more scenarios.

That’s all I have for today. Enjoy!

Invite link: https://zapier.com/developer/public-invite/124204/c005983626e92e607e5194ce0769044c/



ZAPIER SAYS: This is an invite-only integration, created by a dedicated member of the Zapier Community. It is not publicly available, nor is it created by Zapier directly. Any questions/suggestions should be addressed to the creator, as they would be the best person to act on the feedback :) Thanks@ikbelkirasan for your hard work and for sharing with the community!

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This is seriously impressive stuff. Bravo!

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This is huge! This saves a lot of complexity in Zaps!

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Nice one Ikbel! This is awesome! How have Zapier not hired you yet?

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Thanks guys! :)

Haha Good question, Andy! I don't know why lol :sweat_smile:

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That’s all I have for today. Enjoy!

I’d say it’s quite a lot and not just “that’s all”. Great job, @ikbelkirasan!

Do you have a particular use case in mind for this? I guess it’s a more surefire way to ensure that Zap A can use the information from what you’ve done in Zap B, instead of triggering two Zaps from the same trigger and adding a delay in Zap A, right?

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Thanks @nicksimard! :)

Yeah, I think it would work better than a zap with a delay step when the delay amount is unknown beforehand or when it needs to wait for a specific event to occur somewhere else before continuing.

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Just seen this. Very useful. Thanks🙏

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Tip for accessing Zap B’s Payload within Zap A:

If you have difficulty accessing the payload from Zap B within Zap A, you should copy the Paused: true output and change it from {{111176037__paused}} to {{111176037__expiration}} where the number 111176037 is different for every Zap and expiration is the payload I want to receive.

Anyway, this is an amazing integration @ikbelkirasan!

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Hey @ikbelkirasan -- we really appreciate your pioneering work here!

Just today we’ve launched something really similar but with a few more native bells and whistles, give it a shot!


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i really like to try this intergration!

Hello, this still exists. It does not appear



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Hey @Bravo films

The Pause and Resume integration is still available. :)

You need to click the invite link that’s mentioned at the bottom of ikbelkirasan‘s post:

Invite link: https://zapier.com/developer/public-invite/124204/c005983626e92e607e5194ce0769044c/ 

Then click on the Accept Invite & Build a Zap button to get it added to your Zapier account:

Hope that helps!