Trigger on rows added to your Google Sheet when your Zap was turned off

  • 12 July 2019
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If you have a Zap that triggers from a new or updated row in a Google Sheet, and the Zap is off while rows are added to the sheet then it wont trigger from the changes when it's turned back on.

Luckily, there's a really easy way to make the Zap 'see' the changes by using the version history of the sheet.

  1. Turn your Zap OFF
  2. Go to your Sheet. Click file > Version History > See Version History. Choose a version from before the changes were made and click 'Restore this Version'.
  3. Turn the Zap back ON
  4. Go back to the version history and restore the most recent version of the sheet

When you do this the Zap will 'see' the changes made to the sheet and will trigger from any rows that were added/updated between the two versions!

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3 replies

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This is great, I never thought to do that! Great time saver!!

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Thanks @JMessick35! This was recently discovered by a teammate on the Support Team and so many of us were blown away that it could be that simple!

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Love this! In the past, I have temporarily cloned the Zap and modified it to look for an X in a column, then I'd go down the the short list marking an X to trigger the Zap. This is so much easier.