PROOF: Delay For Less than 1 Minute with the Delay For Action Step

  • 26 February 2021
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PROOF that it is indeed possible to delay a Zap for less than 1 minute using the Delay For action step!



Troy Tessalone is a Certified Zapier Expert at Automation Ace.


Don’t believe everything you read, and when in doubt, test it out!


Screenshot below shows the Zap Run history with a timestamp created before and after 30 second delay.

(Note: The time difference between the 2 timestamps shown is a bit longer than 30 seconds because of the time it takes to process the other Zap steps.)


Notice below the field Time Delayed For (value) it states:

Use a number (decimals are accepted). Note: minimum delay is one minute.


How the Zap with a delay for less than 1 minute was tested…

Created a Zap with these 5 steps.

Step 1 triggers the Zap from a webhook.

Step 2 creates a timestamp before the delay.

Step 3 does a delay for .5 minutes (aka 30 seconds).

Step 4 creates a timestamp after the delay.

Step 5 posts a webhook with the timestamps before and after the delay.


Cheat Sheet

.083 = ~5 seconds

.166 = ~10 seconds

.25 = 15 seconds

.333 = ~20 seconds

.5 = 30 seconds

.666 = ~40 seconds

.75 = 45 seconds


Help article about Delay For:


 Rejoice, no need for a Code step to get a Zap to delay less than 1 minute, altho check out this Topic if interested...


Happy Hacking!

5 replies

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Well, look at that! I’m not 100% sure it would be reliable but if someone was fine with it taking up to a minute, but would *prefer* to have it delayed for less time, then it appears you’ve shown that it’s possible :)

As Troy would say:

When in doubt, test it out!


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I am assuming this would work for the delay after too.

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It should.

When in doubt, test it out!

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We had high hopes that this would work, and used it in many of our zaps. Unfortunately using this method has proven to be a bad decision for us. Even though they work as expected most of the time, often our zaps get stuck on the delay steps set to less than 1 minute, and don’t continue to subsequent steps, or they are delayed for much longer time intervals (sometimes hours). We’re in the process now of removing all of these delay steps from our zaps, as we have enough evidence to see that they cannot be relied upon, and are causing too many errors to be feasible.

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Hi @jonah 

If you post your own topic with screenshots of the stuck Delay steps and how your Zap steps are configured, then perhaps the Community can help diagnosing your issue.