PROOF: Delay For Less than 1 Minute with the Delay For Action Step

  • 26 February 2021
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PROOF that it is indeed possible to delay a Zap for less than 1 minute using the Delay For action step!



Troy Tessalone is a Certified Zapier Expert at Automation Ace.


Don’t believe everything you read, and when in doubt, test it out!


Screenshot below shows the Zap Run history with a timestamp created before and after 30 second delay.

(Note: The time difference between the 2 timestamps shown is a bit longer than 30 seconds because of the time it takes to process the other Zap steps.)


Notice below the field Time Delayed For (value) it states:

Use a number (decimals are accepted). Note: minimum delay is one minute.


How the Zap with a delay for less than 1 minute was tested…

Created a Zap with these 5 steps.

Step 1 triggers the Zap from a webhook.

Step 2 creates a timestamp before the delay.

Step 3 does a delay for .5 minutes (aka 30 seconds).

Step 4 creates a timestamp after the delay.

Step 5 posts a webhook with the timestamps before and after the delay.


Cheat Sheet

.083 = ~5 seconds

.166 = ~10 seconds

.25 = 15 seconds

.333 = ~20 seconds

.5 = 30 seconds

.666 = ~40 seconds

.75 = 45 seconds


Help article about Delay For:


 Rejoice, no need for a Code step to get a Zap to delay less than 1 minute, altho check out this Topic if interested...


Happy Hacking!

3 replies

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Well, look at that! I’m not 100% sure it would be reliable but if someone was fine with it taking up to a minute, but would *prefer* to have it delayed for less time, then it appears you’ve shown that it’s possible :)

As Troy would say:

When in doubt, test it out!


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I am assuming this would work for the delay after too.

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It should.

When in doubt, test it out!