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Thank you @Liz_Roberts  :D

Hi there.  

I tried the link, but I can’t find it after I get redirected.  Is this still available?

Thanks buddy!

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If you’re building a zap and you can’t find the app in the app selector dropdown, this is a known issue.

Refresh the page and the app should magically appear in the dropdown.

Is this safe to use. What happens when I accept the invite? 

Thanks @ikbelkirasan this is soooo useful!

I think the CSV export utility skips over empty line items in the input which is sub-optimal because it leads to variability in the number of columns, and the column order. Is there any way you could add an option to preserve empty columns?

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Thanks @andywingrave :)

@CreekFire - Yes, it’s safe to use this integration. When you accept the invite, this integration will be added to your available integrations menu.

I’m a bit confused on the CSV file output. I’m trying to save line items as a csv.
When I run the test, it generates:


I’ve no idea what this is/means/does. I’m just looking for a simple way to save some data into a csv file.

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@guillermo I know I’m about 2 years late but I found a solution to my own issue with the MalformedPOSTRequest error when trying to convert a JSON string to CSV here

In a Javascript code step you need to take your JSON string and run a gnarly replace() function on it to get rid of bad characters. As soon as I did this, the CSV converter happily accepted my JSON.

jsonString.replace(/[\x80-\uffff]/g, (m) => `%${m.charCodeAt(0).toString(16).padStart(2, '0')}`)
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Hi @ikbelkirasan!

Got a question, maybe you can help.

I use “Export to CSV” and “Input Type: Line Items”. I have around 50 line items and get a 400 error when testing with data that contains danish characters (æ,ø,å) in keys and values. Can you imagine a way I can get through with this? 

Weirdly, if I test with just a few line items containing danish characters, I get no errors. 


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Hi @qbftech - The link still works. Maybe you need to refresh your zap editor page to access the integration. Make sure to select it in an action step.

This tool is great, thank you so much!

Is it possible to rename the file being generated?  Currently it’s coming through as “output.csv” but ideally, I’d like this filename to be unique and contain the current day’s date.

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I have data that looks like this:

[{"Product":"8 \"","Quantity":"2","Flavour":"B Choc"},{"Product":"10\"","Quantity":"1","Flavour":"Lemon"},{"Product":"10\"","Quantity":"1","Flavour":"Vanilla"},{"Product":"12\"","Quantity":"2","Flavour":"Carrot"}]

It can be a variable size, this one happens to have 4 entries.

What I need is this:

Product: 8",10",10",12"

Quantity: 2,1,1,2

Flavour: B Choc,Lemon,Vanilla, Carrot


Can Export CSV do this?