Filters vs Paths vs Lookup Tables: A Visual Guide

  • 25 February 2023
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Filters vs Paths vs Lookup Tables: A Visual Guide
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Even the most seasoned Zapier user sometimes has a hard time deciding whether to use a filter with multiple Zaps, a single Zap with multiple paths, or a single Zap with a lookup table.

We’re trying something a little different and providing a visual guide that hopefully helps to clarify when/why you might choose to use one over the other.


If you’re trying to have several different outcomes from your workflow, using multiple Zaps with a filter is one way to approach it.

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Similar to using multiple Zaps with a filter, Paths provide multiple outcomes using only one Zap.

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Lookup Table

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the options, a lookup table is beneficial when you’ve got specific fields that decide an outcome. 

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1 reply

This would have been more useful with actual samples rather than graphics or at least links to the relevant documentation (i.e. - Lookup Tables, other than surmising there is magic involved there is no way to tell how to actually look up something in the table and pass the results on.